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  • Boho Bowl Candle

    Studio MilK Boho Bowl Candle is inspired by nature and made in New Zealand, 100% natural soy wax, home grown lavender, calendula petals and rose buds with a natural wood wick. Burn time 50+ hours

  • Linen Room Spray

    Freshen your home, invigorate your linens, deodorise your car or aid sleep with Studio MiLK’s  Aromatherapy Linen and Room Spray. A beautiful blend of calming essential oils to gently “aromarise” and  deodorise your space.

    De-stress and unwind with this completely natural combination of essential oils designed to reduce anxiety, heal emotional stress and encourage feelings of well-being. Includes: Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang

  • Studio MiLk Soy Candle Tin

    Stunning studio MiLK soy tin candle with upto 20hrs burn time, presented in a kraft box wrapped with a string bow.

  • Studio MiLk Bath Salts

    MiLK’s 100% natural bath salts are a therapeutically balanced blend of Himalayan Pink Salt and Epsom Salt as well as natural essential oils, which work together to restore tired muscles, stimulate circulation and nourish the skin.


  • Studio MiLk Reed Diffuser

    A reed diffuser will make your home smell amazing. Made from high quality fragrance oils and natural reeds, these diffuser sets are long lasting, with elegant packaging  Studio Milk’s Diffuser sets are a perfect gift whatever the occasion maybe.

  • Nudi Point Pamper Gift Box

    Pamper with a beautiful gift boxed treat containing your choice of lip butter, body balm and body bar by locally produced 100% Natural Nudi Point.

  • Nudi Point Spoil Gift Box

    Spoil someone with a gift box containing your choice of lip butter, body balm, body bar and cuticle butter by locally produced 100% Natural Nudi Point.

  • Nudi Point Treat Gift Box

    A beautifully gift boxed treat containing your choice of lip butter and two body bars by locally produced 100% Natural Nudi Point.

  • Nudi Point – Baby Balm

    Nudi Point’s “Nudi Rudi” Baby Balm will help calm and relax baby, aid rashes and skin problems with it’s mild blend of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils.

  • Nudi Point Body Bar

    “Turn Me On”
    Containing Mother Nature’s aphrodisiacs.

    “Oatmeal Cookie”
    Don’t go mistaking this Body Bar as a cookie.

    “MoMints Like These”
    100% NATURAL fresh smelling body bar (and perfect for a hangover!)

    “It Must Be Lavender”
    A delightful aromatic Lavender body bar.

    “Happy Ending (with a twist)”
    This fresh (Lemongrass) and zesty (Lime) body bar is the florists personal favourite.

  • Nudi Point – Body Butter

    “Coco-nutty Lemon-grassy”
    Whipped creamy body butter – 100% NATURAL (and a natural insect repellent!)

    “Hazelnut & Vanilla Sundae”
    100% NATURAL creamy whipped body butter – smells good enough to eat!

  • Nudi Point – Cuticle Butter

    Nudi Point’s “Nailed It” will get your hands and nails looking happy and healthy with magical healing qualities of lemon and lavender essential oils (with Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Coconut Oil to assist)